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I have produced media and training for all sizes of organisation, from small teams to Meta’s Reality Labs. I have a professional background in graphic design, journalism, software development and education. If you have any questions or want to talk about possibilities please get in touch.

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360 photography and virtual tours engage audiences like no other medium; they give viewers an unparalleled sense of immersion and personal experience. 360 tours are memorable and ‘sticky,’ increase page dwell times significantly (an important factor in Google page ranking), and they are easily shared in social media.

Are you from a creative consultancy? Speak to me about delivering specialist media for your clients.

360 photography puts the viewer right into a scene, and custom tours turn these into complete virtual experiences. From bespoke overlay graphics and controls to interactive hotspots, animations and embedded video and audio, there are countless ways to enhance a virtual tour and make it deeply memorable and effective.

Curious about what can be done in this media? Contact me to discuss ideas.

I help people achieve practical, creative and above all effective solutions to design and production challenges. Whether you would like to discuss what's possible in this medium and how to integrate it with your site, plan and prepare for a shoot, or establish how 360 media could work for your clients, I'm very happy to advise, assist, instruct and direct.

I have many years of experience teaching and training in industry and at university. I have written hundreds of tutorials and guides for magazines, books and software developers, and I am highly experienced in print and digital production. Whether you simply want to understand the media or discuss training so you can create 360 media yourself, I can help.

Mobile: +44 (0)7909 541365, email: