Mister360 Learning

Tutorials, tips and tricks

Expert techniques and best-practise processes for immersive VR media creation

Planning, shooting and producing 360 media can be challenging. Here is a selection of Mister360 reference guides and tools as well as links to external sources to help immersive media creators and practitioners. More will be added soon.

Meta’s creator.oculus.com site

This site was designed and content written for Meta as an industry reference source for learning skills and techniques in 360 video, audio and photography, covering planning, shooting, post-production and delivery.

COMING SOON: Nodal Ninja Mecha tips and reference guides

The Nodal Ninja Mecha is a powerful and versatile robotic panoramic head, but getting up to speed with configuring and using it can be challenging. Here (soon) are some practical tips developed from using it in a variety of different situations.

Exif Fixer: metadata restoration

Free app download (macOS, Windows, Linux) and web service (mobile devices) for calculating and inserting the metadata necessary to make panoramic images interactive in sites such as Facebook, Flickr and others.

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