London in Lockdown

How the London in Lockdown 360 photos were made

These high-end 360 panoramas are shot with a DSLR camera and a specialist panoramic rotator head, and the images are stitched together to create a seamless end result that includes the entire scene: the complete 360 degrees around and 180 degrees top to bottom. Some of these locations were actually as empty as they are shown here, but with others I waited for different view angles to be empty, or I shot and combined multiple images afterwards in order to remove the few people that were in view. Because of that this is more of an art project than a strict documentary, but the effect is no less striking.

If you’d like to license any of these for editorial or commercial use in digital or print platforms please get in touch. The original images are 23000 pixels wide (265 megapixels) and can be printed at their true native resolution (no upscale tricks) at magazine-level resolution (300ppi) at two metres (6.6 feet) wide. For typical photographic exhibition resolution it can be printed at around three metres across, and in billboards it can be shown at 20 metres (66 feet) wide with ease!

I am Keith Martin, a London-based specialist 360 photographer. I am also a university lecturer, designer, technical writer, software developer and consultant. You can contact me by email at or call me on +44 (0)7909 541365